Wednesday, October 31, 2007


it could just be this exact moment. but i want

(im listning to ween right now)

when we are together ,i want really get (on)you, i want to really dig you. and only based on that i want to fuck you. on the down. you know, the (heavy) breathing. what other music should be playing?

it dont matter.

my life is going on well.

im going to try and get some developed today. maybe right now. a run to the art supply shop anyways. i wish i didnt have to change clothes. the air smells so good. there is sea air, a little smoke and fire, and it hurts going down, just a little. nose hairs stiffen and my pipes freeze dry a bit.

im also starting a list of topics to later investigate:

1) couch surfing catastrophes. (murders, killings, things etc)

2) american car culture. people living in their cars, high schoolers and their best car memories, etc.
3) what is so attractive about mccully culkin?
4) what happens to things that get stuck under your skin, literally. like if you stab yourself with a pencil, and the lead breaks off and gets stuck underneath. or splinters that grow over, and literally become a part of your body makeup. is this unhealthy? im asking cause i think i had some broken glass in my boot yesterday, and i coudnt find anything to take out.

i think i caught athlete's foot this summer when i was in israel. i want to go back there. i think i liked it enough to need to go back. the country- not the athlete's footPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket me and lonesome 6 hour atlanta-florida roadtrips to see my grandmother and annie and aligators.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

i am going to write a book.

im not sure what., maybe a book of lists

i make lots of lists

the first thing i am going to do is make a book of lists, like poems, and maybe illustrate it. but is that copying the pillowbook? i guess i dont mind that.

here is stuff from

February 07

smoking pieces of cloves, ............ saying what you want, sometimes, .......... carmex, clear coats of lacquer, blankets, comix, releasing, rainy incense, free pot, saving money but never having any, the army supply store jackets, shitty snow crunch, miso soup, being tired of being alone at night, not answering your telephone, not answering my telephone. old spice deodorant, lacking freshness, blinks, turn the volume down, later loudly as it goes, lying flat, back cracks, thick scarves, growing longer fingers, q-tip swabbing, gray wool sweaters, sloppy hair, top lid liner, keds, ink and stamps, water soluble, librarian, typist, fast, black and white movies, lots

statistics with guillaume,

wouldn't you like me to illustrate the months for you. maybe i will...
but would it be wrong to go back in time and make some up- i mean, i have some diaries, but they are so mishmashed and incomplete...

Friday, October 26, 2007

i had given up

ive decided to resume.

i never stopped writing. but i was writing less, and not as organized. i also noticed i lost some of my best shit to bullshit conversations.
i also told people secrets that they did not chose to hear. everyone who reads makes a choice to do so, but no one can help listening, and sometimes we all talk too much.

yesterday, i returned to amsterdam from a stint in spain and morocco.