Saturday, November 24, 2007

dusted pictures

pictures to go along with the last posting
+/- some explanations

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high school

sr. prom. i was somewhere on this bus.

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parsons greg

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my mom found this lovely photograph in the mailbox. just like the crustaceans sent in the night.

what is crea?

I am 20 now. Not 16.

i am studying abroad in amsterdam. my parents, brother and grandmother have been visiting me here for the past few days. it's thanksgiving in america.

last night, i was compelled to read a certain girl's livejournal from high school. i read the entries from her senior year. we were not good friends or anyone special to one another. i was briefly mentioned in the diary, and so were two of my best friends at the time. they both loved me then and i am still not completely sure why.

it's a wonder that i even still talk to anyone from that time. the ones i do, never really knew what was going on.
but i still love bjork and i always will.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

standard german

german rambles loudly through the walls.

what is obsession? why do some people become fascinated or obsessed with any other?