Sunday, November 29, 2009

whitney and serge

take in it

Atlanta Thanksgiving wasn't so bad this time around
talked with Mason about writing a shitty book about birds
"The eastern bluebird lines it's nest with grass and plant material then lays 2-7 pale blue-white eggs."

new round of job / fellowship applications

aunt sue, i love you
and want to do another roadtrip to Palatka

i need to get some photos developed

going to miami
breathing easier

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

music for nothing myself

i made a mix for no one / everyone
love, emily

1. romeo void - never say never
2. beat happening - teenage caveman
3. girls - lust for life
4. leonard cohen - is this what you wanted?  
4. nina simone - suzanne
5. beach boys - i'm waiting for the day
6. ESG - you make no sense 
7. screaming females - boyfriend 
8. kurt vile - freak train
9. marine girls - in love 
9. beat happening - i spy 
9. the fall - oh! brother 
10. the smiths - still ill 
11. sort sol & lydia lunch - as she weeps
12. devo - uncontrolable urge
13. woods - holes

romeo void - never say never

("teenage caveman" isn't on youtube so instead this is "bad seeds")

girls - lust for life (dir. aaron buttig / all the versions of this video are amazing)

(leonard cohen "is this what you wanted?" isn't here. this is nina simone covering "suzanne")

screaming females - boyfriend 

kurt vile - freak train

sort sol & lydia lunch

devo - uncontrolable urge
this bitch talks too much