Sunday, June 28, 2009

liger beat

I want to thank and congratulate and the nice LIGER BEAT ladies for their first printed issue. There should be more pictures of dicks floating around. I got a centerfold and lost it in the street.

thank you to Jah for spotting some visiting Icelanders. me, Gier, Eva.


I finally got a job.
Thank you Michelle, Eddy, Brian, Keren, Axel and anyone who has ever said anything nice about me.

my friends...

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

baby's first bike accident

Last night I got my bike fixed by wonderful Joe at Baruch's clubhouse, home to his bike co-op and serves as Time's Up headquarters in Brooklyn. @ 99 S 6th.

Baruch's new project is TRAIF, for those special times you might have problems with your Hassid landlord or need legal advice concerning tenant's rights.

They have a chicken coop, Murray, the dog that looks like a mop, tons of bicycles, and really graphic painting of naked ladies giving head. Also free drinks and pizza. The bike works great and I rode it down Broadway back to my house.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Sarah C


Friday, June 5, 2009


I'm off to the post office to mail a ton of letters. I am sorry if you are late getting what you didn't know you had coming to you.

I worked at Book Expo America last weekend and it was pretty wonderful. Even though most things were free, it was mostly free garbage. In response, I stole liberally from the MoMA, TeNeues, New York Review of Books, and Penguin booths. I was working in the Children's / Young Adult section at a non-profit booth stationed right next to Highlights magazine. All the highlights salesmen were old men with wrinkly owl eyes. One offered to take me to his cabin the woods in Pennsylvania.

Tonight I will be volunteering at the Brooklyn International Film Festival at Powerhouse. Come visit me, please.

I am also dropping off my finished zine retitled 'things' at Printed Matter and ABC No Rio very very soon. I think it will be $3, you can also just ask me for one and I will give it to you.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

i plea for tenderness

I think I am a modern lover.

a plea for tenderness
-jonathan richman and the modern lovers

Hey girls, do you hate men?
Do you hate the earth?
Well I still see tenderness in your face
And innocence straight from infant days
And there must be tenderness deep inside
You're so cold, but it shows

You told me about school
I only want to know about you
And it hurts me now
And it scares me now
And now you know

But if you care about me
(Tell me now)
If I'm better than the wall
(Tell me now)
if it's important when I touch your hand
Then you'd better
Tell me now

Well, now, I've just read some writers
From the old days
Because I knew, I knew that they'd understand
Because dignity, dignity and tenderness should apply
To modern romance
So I don't wanna know,
I'm just not interested in your school
So I don't wanna know,
I don't wanna hear about your stupid cats
(Or you're homework)
Just talk about love, or sex, or starving hearts, or just shut up
and I'll go

But if you care about me
(Tell me now)
If I'm better than the wall
(Tell me now)
And if it's important when I touch you're hand
(Tell me now)

And if it's important when I come to you're kitchen
When it's late at night and when it's cold at night
When it's dark outside, when it's cold outside
I wanna know if it's important when I touch your hand
when you're all alone
(Tell me now)
If you really want to talk to me
(Tell me now)
And if you're lookin for a lover
(Tell me now)
I mean, if you need a lover
(Tell me now)
If you're ready to be honest with a lover
(Tell me now)
If it's important when you're alone at night
And when it's cold at night and when it's dark at night
When it's cold outside when it's sad outside
And when I'm sad outside, by the streetlight
By your house and near your kitchen door
I'm stumped because I'm scared
Because I'm sad
Because it's cold at night
Because it's dark at night
And I'm alone at night
I'm so sad and I'm so scared
And I want to know, if you'll tell me
If you care about me
Then if you care about yourself
And if you'll stop taking drugs
And if you'll
stop bein so hard
And if you'll stop being hard to talk to
And if you'll let me come inside
And I can talk to you
When it's dark at night
And when it's sad at night
And alone at night

I don't want to be alone at night
(Tell me now)
I don't want to be sad at night
(Tell me now)
I want to help you
When it's cold outside
When you're all around
When it's sad outside
I want you to tell me now
I can't wait another day
You gotta hurry
I can't wait another minute
It's now or never
It's now or never
You gotta tell
You gotta tell
You can't hide
take drugs
dark outside
these other things that you use
So I can't see you clear
I want to see you clear
I want to talk to you now
You've got to be honest now
You've got to tell me now
If you care about me
Tell me now

Wait a minute, wait a minute
I want to say, I want to say somethin else now
Wait a minute
I want to show you that I understand you now
(This is the guy talkin to the girlfriend)
He's gonna show you, he's gonna show you that he understands the deepest darkest parts
When he says ...

He says I know how beautiful death is
And I know why you hate life
But I'm just a tender soul
So be glad you know

I want to tell ya
That all men are just tender souls
And be glad that you know

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

henry clay

falling behind.

Thanks to some encouragement from Gina, I'm gonna make another zine: the next one is gonna be about American Civil War portraits and US statesmen from the early-mid 1800's. I want to compare the photographs with paintings:

Henry Clay

According to his wikipedia article: "Henry Clay, Sr. (April 12, 1777June 29, 1852) was a nineteenth-century American statesman and orator who represented Kentucky in both the House of Representatives and Senate. He served as Secretary of State from 1825 to 1829."

other things and recent events:
liquor shoes
eating a klondike bar in the shower
treehouses of the world
sitting in the park, workin' on a even tan
fish sandwiches
not fighting
cammisa goes to Berlin
some other things
summer mixes
'astral weeks'